Free Access
Med Sci (Paris)
Volume 26, Number 6-7, Juin–Juillet 2010
Page(s) 592 - 596
Section Nouvelles
Published online 15 June 2010
  1. Kestila M, Lenkkeri U, Mannikko M, et al. Positionally cloned gene for a novel glomerular protein-nephrin-is mutated in congenital nephrotic syndrome. Mol Cell 1998 ; 1 : 575-82. [Google Scholar]
  2. Boute N, Gribouval O, Roselli S, et al. NPHS2, encoding the glomerular protein podocin, is mutated in autosomal recessive steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome. Nat Genet 2000 ; 24 : 349-54. [Google Scholar]
  3. Kim JM, Wu H, Green G, et al. CD2-associated protein haploinsufficiency is linked to glomerular disease susceptibility. Science 2003 ; 300 : 1298-300. [Google Scholar]
  4. Kaplan JM, Kim SH, North KN, et al. Mutations in ACTN4, encoding alpha-actinin-4, cause familial focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. Nat Genet 2000 ; 24 : 251-6. [Google Scholar]
  5. Reiser J, Polu KR, Moller CC, et al. TRPC6 is a glomerular slit diaphragm-associated channel required for normal renal function. Nat Genet 2005 ; 37 : 739-44. [Google Scholar]
  6. Hinkes B, Wiggins RC, Gbadegesin R, et al. Positional cloning uncovers mutations in PLCE1 responsible for a nephrotic syndrome variant that may be reversible. Nat Genet 2006 ; 38 : 1397-405. [Google Scholar]
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  8. Verma R, Kovari I, Soofi A, et al. Nephrin ectodomain engagement results in Src kinase activation, nephrin phosphorylation, Nck recruitment, and actin polymerization. J Clin Invest 2006 ; 116 : 1346-59. [Google Scholar]
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  14. Grimbert P, Valanciute A, Audard V, et al. Truncation of C-mip (Tc-mip), a new proximal signaling protein, induces c-maf Th2 transcription factor and cytoskeleton reorganization. J Exp Med 2003 ; 198 : 797-807. [Google Scholar]
  15. Audard V, Zhang SY, Copie-Bergman C, et al. Occurrence of minimal change nephrotic syndrome in classical Hodgkin’s lymphoma is closely related to the induction of c-mip in Hodgkin-Reed Sternberg cells and podocytes. Blood 2010 (sous presse). [Google Scholar]
  16. Zhang SY, Kamal M, Dahan K, et al. C-mip impairs podocyte proximal signaling and induces heavy proteinuria. Science Signaling 2010 (sous presse). [Google Scholar]
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  19. Kamal, M., A. Valanciute, K. Dahan, et al. C-mip interacts physically with RelA and inhibits nuclear factor kappa B activity. Mol Immunol 2009 ; 46 : 991-8. [Google Scholar]
  20. Ronco P, Debiec H, Guigonis V. Allo-immunisation fœto-maternelle anti-CD10. Med Sci (Paris) 2009 ; 25 : 69-76. [Google Scholar]

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