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    Andhira Vieira, Nouha Ben-Othman, Noémie Druelle, Monica Courtney, Fabio Avolio, Tiziana Napolitano, Elisabet Gjernes, Biljana Hadzic, Sergi Navarro Sanz, Serena Silvano, Patrick Collombat.

    Induction of pancreatic -like cell regeneration by activation of GABA signalling pathways.

    Henri-Jacques Delecluse, Susanne Fink, Ming- Han Tsai, Anatoliy Shumilov .

    The Epstein-Barr virus and the centriole: new tricks from an old dog

    Dulce Alfaiate, et David Durantel .

    A new immune competent mouse model for the study of hepatitis D virus infection

    Daniel Mauvoisin et Frédéric Gachon..

    Characterization of rhythmic liver physiology by nuclear proteomic

    Ludovic Jullien, Arnaud Gautier.

    Hybrid fluorescent probes for imaging cellular proteins on demand

    Etienne Hebert – Chatelain et Giovanni Marsicano.

    Mitochondria link cannabinoid and memory

    Franck JD Mennechet, Karsten Eichholz, Thi Thu Phuong Tran, Eric J Kremer.

    Anti-adenovirus humoral immunity: impact on dendritic cell activation

    Sophie Barral, Naghmeh Hoghoughi, Sophie Rousseaux, Saadi Khochbin.

    The mystery of histone disappearence during spermatogenesis

    Béatrice Horard, Benjamin Loppin .

    Fertilization: the spermatic nucleus unlocked by an ultra-specialized thioredoxin

    Mathieu Morel.

    Beating cancer with synthetic genes: Towards more effective treatments through autonomous genetic programs

    Andreas Mayer, Olivier Rivoire, Thierry Mora, Aleksandra Walczak.

    Evolutionary explanation of the diversity of immune strategies

    Emeline Bon, Lucie Brisson, Stéphan Chevalier, Pierre Besson, Sébastien Roger.

    NaV4: a metastasis suppressor and a new biomarker of aggressive cancers

    Pascal Tétreault, et A. Vania Apkarian.

    Predicting “placebo response” with functional magnetic resonance imaging


    Ferdinand Jagot, Nathalie Davoust.

    MiRNAs: new actors in the physiopathology of multiple sclerosis

    Vanessa Plantier et Frédéric Brocard.

    Calpain as a new therapeutic target for treating spasticity after a spinal cord injury.

    Emilie Boone, Laura Boulan, Ditte S. Andersen, Nuria Romero, Pierre Léopold & Julien Colombani..

    Some insulins to orchestrate growth.

    Clément Madru, Nicolas Leulliot et Simon Lebaron.

    Ribosomes synthesis at the heart of cell proliferation.


    ulie Steffann, Jean-Paul Bonnefont, Nelly Frydman.

    Nuclear transfer to prevent transmission of mtDNA disorders : where are we?

    Emilie Boone, Laura Boulan, Ditte S. Andersen, Nuria Romero, Pierre Léopold & Julien Colombani. .

    Some insulins to orchestrate growth


    Vincent Geenen.
    History of the thymus: From an ‘accident of evolution’ to the programming of immunological self-tolerance


    Christophe Boudry, Aline Bouchard.

    Role of academic social networks in disseminating the scientific production of researchers in biology / medicine: the example of ResearchGate

    Jean-Baptiste Van der Henst.
    Children’s politics and the hierarchy dilemma

    Tales of the genome.

    Bertrand Jordan.

    Frequent and rare variants, polygenic traits and missing heritability

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