Procrastination: a podcast with Mathias Pessiglione, co-author of the article in médecine/sciences

France Culture recently released a podcast episode on the subject of procrastination, with the participation of Mathias Pessiglione, Research Director at Inserm and co-director of the 'Motivation, Brain, and Behavior' team at the Institute of the Brain, along with Jean Daunizeau, Researcher at Inserm and co-director of the same team.

Mathias Pessiglione is the co-author of the article titled “Neurocomputational Approach to Procrastination”, published in the November issue of médecine/sciences. In it, they describe procrastination as: “postponing necessary tasks until later (from the Latin 'crastinus'). In psychology, it has been more specifically defined as the voluntary and unnecessary tendency to delay tasks imposed by others or oneself, despite being aware of the potentially detrimental consequences of this delay. [...] According to ancient philosophers like Aristotle, the mechanism responsible for procrastination is a weakness of the will, hindering one from acting in accordance with one's best judgment (akrasia). This concept of a 'lack of self-control' persists in recent psychological research on procrastination."

To learn more, read the article available in open access and listen to the podcast, both in French.

We are delighted that the author of the article from médecine/sciences was invited to participate in this podcast, and that Mathias and his colleagues’ work is featured in the recommended reading list of the programme.