Number 11 in November


Marie Gaille

For a proper use of scepticism towards sciences


Jovan Nikolic, Danielle Blondel

Rabies virus induces the formation of stress granules, which are in close proximity to viral factories

Alice Barbarin, André Herbelin et Jean-Marc Gombert

The T CD8 lymphocyte’s innate function in the war against cancer

Salomon Manier, Xavier Leleu, Hervé Avet-Loiseau

Circulating exosomal microRNA as biomarkers in mutiple myeloma

Grégoire Perret, Thomas Lacornerie, Fabio Manca, Stefano Giordano, Momoko Kumemura, Nicolas Lafitte, Laurent Jalabert, Mehmet C. Tarhan, Eric F. Lartigau, Fabrizio Cleri, Hiroyuki Fujita, Dominique Collard

Mesure de la dégradation bio mécanique d’une fibre d’ADN sous rayons X thérapeutiques

Valérie Dupé, Christèle Dubourg, Marie de Tayrac, Véronique David

From cyclops to reality: a fresh look at the genetics of holoprosencephaly

Renaud Jardri, Sophie Denève

Jumping-to-conclusions in schizophrenia is mediated by circular inference

David Perrais, Morgane Rosendale

Endocytosis in dendrites: a local tool to regulate synaptic transmission

Fanny Gonzales, Meyling Cheok

Copy-number analysis identified new prognostic marker in acute myeloid leukemia

Patrice Fort et Sara Valencia-Garcia

Les gardiens de nos rêves identifiés : une cible neuronale de la maladie de Parkinson ?

Manel M-Rabet, François Bertucci, Daniel Birnbaum, Marc Lopez

Triple-negative breast cancer therapy via nectin-4 targeting


Cédric Torre,Landry Laure Tsoumtsa, Eric Ghigo

Trained immunity in invertebrates: what do we know?

Julie Faitg, Olivier Reynaud, Jean-Philippe Leduc-Gaudet, Gilles Gouspillou

Skeletal muscle aging and mitochondrial dysfunction: an update

Alexis Saintamand, Nour Ghazzaui, Hussein Issaoui, Yves Denizot

The IgH 3’RR: Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde of B-cell maturation and lymphomagenesis

François-Xavier Laurent, Geoffrey Vibrac, Aurélien Rubio, Marie-Thérèse Thévenot, Laurent Pène

The future of forensic DNA analysis for criminal justice

Charlier P, Augias A, Sansonetti P, Bon C, Kennedy S, Segurel L

Importance of intestinal paleomicrobiome study for contemporaneous medical problematics


Marcel Goldberg, Marie Zins

Le travail stressant et le cœur ne font pas bon ménage

Jean-Claude WEILL

Why have we only two P53 genes?


Bertrand Isidor, Sophie Julia, Mathilde Nizon, Marie Vincent

Does the knowledge have to be imperative? A genetics broadband key challenge

Chroniques génomiques

Bertrand Jordan

CAR-T immunotherapy, a regulatory milestone