Aims and Scope

m/s offers high-quality review articles in French, covering all areas of biomedical and health research, in a monthly magazine format (10 issues / year). m/s is read by the whole French-speaking community, in France but also in Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia etc. m/s is not a primary publication, and thus will not consider unpublished data. Most articles are invited by the Editors, but spontaneous proposals are welcomed. Each issue combines news and views on the most recent scientific publications, as well as broadly accessible and updated review articles on a specific topic, and essays on science and society, history of science, public health, or reactions to published articles. Each year, m/s also publishes one or two thematic issues focused on a research topic of high interest. All review articles and essays are peer-reviewed.

The content of m/s is open access one year after publication. Issues published since November 2001 are available on the website of m/s and the complete archives from 1985 to 2010 are available on the site