Autophagy contributes to the initiation of pancreatic cancer
Juan L. Iovanna

Regulation of immunity and inflammation by autophagy : « All is well, all is fine, all goes as well as possible»
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Physiological and pathological roles of endogenous retroviral sequences in human genome
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Autophagy and iron homeostasis
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Implication of autophagy in lung diseases and response to nanoparticles
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Autophagy, a key process in bone homeostasis
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The biogenesis of autophagosome: a new challenge for the cell biologist
Étienne Morel

Autophagy and vision
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Autophagy and brain: the case of neurodegenerative diseases
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Autophagy, fitness and longevity
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The yin and the yang of autophagy in cancer cells
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Osteocalcin and glucose metabolism: assessment of human studies
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Contribution of autophagy to intestinal homeostasis and pathology
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Autophagy in the kidney
Nicolas Pallet

Modelling of the blood-brain barrier
Fabien Gosselet

Implication of human endogenous retroviruses in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
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MicroRNAs: new players in the hypothalamic control of fertility
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Autophagy and cardiovascular system
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Autophagy and infectious diseases
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The biological complexity of Polycomb group proteins. The case of EZH2
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The PIG-A gene as a new biomarker of mutagenesis: proof of concept and technical specifications
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Coercion and loss of agency
Émilie Caspar

TopoVIL : a molecular scissor essential for reproduction
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Influenza and secondary bacterial infection: Threats and treatments
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Bdellovibrio and apparented organisms: unusual bacterial predators!
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Innate lymphoid cells
Adeline Crinier, Charlotte Viant, Mathilde Girard-Madoux, Eric Vivier